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Photo & Headshot  Retouching

Demo Reels & Digital Editing

Thanks to the pervasive nature of the web and fast internet connections, demo reels today are as important as your headshot. Your demo reel is the best way for casting directors and agents to see how you look on film. Not having a demo reel significantly reduces your chances of being hired and implies that you haven't worked in film or television - at least not for very long. While technology of today is terrific and low cost digital editing is now available to the masses the true art of the demo reel is selling you. A Media Buzz this is our expertise. Your reel by Media Buzz engages the viewer, makes you riveting, and gets you booked. See some samples.

Media Buzz services included:

▪ Needs Consultation
▪ Source footage digitization
▪ Source media supported include DVD, miniDV (DVC), VHS, TiVO/DVR, computer & internet files

▪ Video quality refinement & adjusting
▪ Sound  reediting, mixing, restoration, sound track overlays, ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement, or Additional Dialogue Recording) the re-recording and replacement of actor dialogue, also known as looping, dubbing, post-synchronization and post-sync.
▪ FAST as 2 Day turnaround and often less.

From $120*

The Red Carpet Actor

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